Is your shipping eco-friendly?

At Aleah’s Boutique, we are taking steps to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some of our accomplishments to date: 

  • Our soap wrappers are made from plantable seed paper. The plantable seed wrap is a biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste that is embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. You will then be left with beautiful wildflowers (including Bird's Eye, Clarkia, Back-Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon). See below the instructions for planting the seed paper. 

  • The mailers used to ship our goodies are home compostable and are made from renewable bioplastic film. The mailers break down into healthy compost leaving no microplastics. 

  • The boxes we use to package our products are made from recycled and recyclable material.  Furthermore, the crinkle paper used to protect the goods are dye-free and recyclable. When applicable, we also fill our boxes with biodegradable and compostable starch packing peanuts. These peanuts are decomposable in water leaving no toxic waste and static-free organic starch.

  • We also use eco clear gusset bags to package our soaps (boxes or bags are used depending on the quantity purchased). These gusset bags are biodegradable, compostable, and a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. 

  • Our custom tape is FSC-certified crepe paper and is printed using soy-based inks. It is also curb-side recyclable after use.

  • Our custom hangtags are made from FSC-certified and recycled card-stock. Printed with soy-based or HP non-toxic inks, the hangtags are recyclable and home-compostable! 

These are some of our eco-friendly packaging initiatives that we have implemented to date to help the planet. Further initiatives are underway to get to 100% eco-friendly packaging in the near future! 

What are the instructions to plant my plantable seed paper?

  1. Place your seed paper on soil that is slightly compressed

  2. Add 1/8 inch of soil on top of the paper and water it

  3. Ensure that the soil is always moist and in a sunny area 

  4. Wait patiently as you should see sprouts within 7-10 days!

  5. Enjoy the beautiful flowers